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Measure your internet speed quickly and accurately


Speed test for chrome

Measure your internet speed quickly and accurately. The best speed measurement app is completely free.

About Speedtrigger app

Speedtrigger is an easy-to-understand WiFi speed test and internet performance monitor. Speedtrigger helps you understand what to expect from your Wifi connection and gives you recommendations that help you fix your WiFi & internet issues on your own. Our extension detects outages and tells you the cause of it.


● On-demand and automatic WiFi & internet speed test
● Internet & WiFi speed test results logging
● Tailored recommendations, help articles, and fixes
● Internet outage type detection - WiFi network or Internet Service Provider
● Test results sharing and exporting for easy remote help assistance
● Color-coded status indicator for WIFI & internet performance and health
Install the Speedtrigger Chrome extension and run a WiFi quality and internet speed test.